Lone General

My third attempt at creating a game in 24 hours, and my second successful completion. This one is a war game for unaccompanied commander. 4 armies, 6 fronts, and 256 ways to configure the solitaire opponent. If you’re ready for conflict, roll out!

Well, this is my attempt to write a war game in 24 hours, officially stated at : (midnight) according to my watch ? which is 5-8 minuets off schedule from the rest of the world, but a day is still a day.

I had originally wanted to make a game where it was a long story, with all the rules being parenthetical remarks to back up what happened. However, being borderline obsessive compulsive, I stated making a list before I was ready ? prior preparation is a big no no in this contest. So I needed to try something else. Admittedly, I’ve been thinking about this for a few hours, but no writing. If you want to disqualify me on that ? well, its a war game, so it doesn’t fit the 24 hour rpg anyway.


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