Midgard: Viking Legends

Midgard is a mythic-historical roleplaying game, where you take on the role of a legendary Viking hero and complete your own epic quests. With unique and highly-thematic dice mechanics, in-depth grizzled combat and plenty of viking magic and special combat powers, in Midgard you’ll find a shield-splitting, berserk-stoking, rape and pillage of a game.

Midgard is a roleplaying game, where you take on the role of a legendary Viking hero and complete your own epic quests. I am specifying this as a mythic-historic setting—that is one in which you try to stick closely to the history or the period, but assume that all the gods, myths and monsters that the Viking people believed are actually true.

I also think it’s important to point out that Midgard is really only a roleplaying system rather than a setting. As its an historical setting what would be the point me spending hours rewriting Wikipedia’s Norse myth and Viking history pages for you, you can do that for yourself, or just make it up from what you’ve learnt from the films, comic books and other popular culture avenues open to you. There’s always someone who knows more about a given period of history than you so I’m not going to put myself on the spot,, and anyway I’m not sure whether I think it’s that important: if you’re all having fun, who cares about historical accuracy.

At the end of the day, I hope I have managed to capture the flavour of films like the Thirteenth Warrior that were the inspiration for this game in my systems. If you don’t like them, fair enough—you’ve not paid anything for it so you shouldn’t feel cheated. I’m also pretty open to constructive
criticism, so if you have any thing useful to add then let me know and if I get a chance to do something about it I might update the doc with your ideas. Just pop over to whatever blog or forum site you got this from and post your thoughts. If I spot it (and I’m sad enough to regularly check these
places) I’ll reply and discuss your idea.


11 Responses to “Midgard: Viking Legends”

  1. Ben Redmond Says:

    Hi everyone,

    As this is my first foray onto 1km1kt, and at free games, I’d really appreciate your comments.



  2. Rob Lang Says:

    I love Midgard, with the new updates, it’s easier to understand and better for printing. Ben has done a superb job. If you’re keen on Vikings, burning, pillaging and so on then Midgard is for you. It’s got a fabulous ‘Runey’ feel to it.

  3. Mildred Says:

    Oooh good. I love the Runey feel.
    I must say though, that although I also love pillaging and burning, it makes me laugh to think what someone who is not familiar with these games would think on reading my or Robs comment :-)

  4. Rob Lang Says:

    Love it! Reviewed on the Free RPG Blog

  5. Crayon Samurai Games Says:

    Haven’t had a chance to read through the game in its entirety yet (although it is now on my list of things to do), but the layout is very nice. What program do you use?

  6. B boy Says:

    When I try to download Midrgard: viking Legends, it always brings me to a adobe reader page. Where it explaines 2 u how to play the game. Where do I go from there to create account and download?

  7. Ben Redmond Says:

    Sorry I didn’t spot these questions earlier:

    @Crayon Samurai Games: (great name by the way) I use MS publisher, would you believe! Like a lot of microsoft stuff it has is faults, but once you get used to it and know what it can do and what it does badly you can acheve some pretty cool results. Plus, I get it free from work :).

    @B Boy: ??? I think the PDF you’re referring to is the game. Are you expecting an MMO?

  8. E.J. Says:

    this game is realy cool, you have done a real good job on this book sir, and where are the testers names?

  9. E.J. Says:

    why is the book different?

  10. Ben Redmond Says:

    @E.J. – Chris, if you want the latest version, go to my blog webjam.com.the_black_orifice. I understand now what your were talking about. This version is pre-playtest, so your name won’t be there. Haven’t you learnt in your ICT Lessons that you shouldn’t just click on the first link you see in a Google search?

    @Everyone else: E.J. is one of my playtesters and a pupil at the school where I am head of ICT. Hope that makes my above reply make sense.

  11. Jackson D. Says:

    Hey – just wanted to say, a small group of us are testing this out and liking it so far. It’s easy enough to get the basics quickly, but scaling is easy. Nice work, thank you.