Modos Roleplaying Game

Game masters, player-characters, my friends! You’re afraid that this is the same thing that torments me: a game of countless hit points, number-crunching, faceless heroes, and no fellowship of players, but it is not this game!

This game we play for:

  • Character design that begins with character concept, not numbers!
  • Opposed roll rules that mean low rolls aren’t automatic failure!
  • Direct rewards for good roleplaying!
  • Abstract combat positions for your imagination, not the tabletop!
  • Action-based combat instead of turn-based combat!
  • Streamlined rules, great for adding house rules or rules modules!
  • On-the-fly GM features like one-second-monsters and the average-person rule!
  • Many more cool features that let you roleplay the game you want!

What is Modos RPG? A simplified roleplaying system that creates ambiguities in order to allow players and game masters to fill the gaps with imagination. Roleplaying games have historically tried to define things like hit points, damage, and attributes in a conrcrete way; this game leaves the definitions up to its players.

A universal conflict-resolution system allows most things (combat, skill-tests, social conflict) to be resolved in a uniform way, while leaving room for GMs to customize each experience. Furthermore, the game rewards (and encourages) roleplaying in these situations with a direct bonus to die rolls and the hero point, a daily power designed by the player.

GMs will find that this system supports multi-genre play and encourages them to design their own adventures and new rules for sharing in “modules.” This makes it easy to tailor the game to a particular group’s needs, and to find or prepare a new adventure each week.


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