I have put together an RPG of what I hope is mythical fantasy (hence, the name). It deviates from a number of RPGS by having a relatively streamlined character creation process and by emphasizing epic (in the traditional sense of the word) storytelling over hack-n-slash gameplay.

Mythic is slightly different from other role-playing games in that the focus of the game is on the play, not the creation, of heroes. Mythic is, as its name suggests, based heavily on the sorts of heroes found in, well, myths. Gilgamesh, Achilles, Odysseus, Heracles, Beowulf, Siegfried, Arthur; the characters you create in Mythic may not be as famous as these, but their deeds will be no less heroic.

Though set in a fantasy world, Mythic strives to maintain a fair level of historical accuracy. Also, Mythic is set up to conduct play beyond the simple level of hack n slash dungeon delving often expected from fantasy rpgs. Characters are expected to be part of the game world, not some nameless killing machine.


2 Responses to “Mythic”

  1. MJLuke Says:

    William, I like this RPG quite a bit so far. I’m in the middle of reading through the pdf. I was wondering if you have ever read A Practical Guide to THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES
    by Joseph Campbell, or Christopher Vogler’sTHE WRITER’s JOURNEY -which the previous article is based on.

    Also I was wondering if you mind if I produced some illustrations based on your RPG MYTHIC, for two reason… 1) It’s a very groovy RPG and I like to draw… and 2) to pad my portfolio a little.


    you can email me at

  2. Verde Says:

    Wow cool game, you should ad artwork