One Mask

Just when the people needed a hero the most, a mysterious figure appeared. The iron fist of oppression is beginning to tremble with fear and frustration and the downtrodden citizens are lifting their heads for the first time in years. They are looking up to see if they can catch a glimpse of that masked marvel that has changed everything, given them hope and allowed them to dream again. They may never know the truth about the phantom stranger. They may never find out about the dedicated team of concerned citizens who have banned together to create a mythic icon greater than themselves. You will play the part of one of those brave souls. You will don the disguise when the time is right and do what you do best. United, you and your trusty team of talented nobodies will rock the foundations of a cruel and corrupt society and you will do it with one mask!


3 Responses to “One Mask”

  1. Alex, London Says:

    I really love this game, well done!! Me and a couple of my friends tested it, it worked fairly well, we added a few tarot cards just because they were lying around etc..

  2. Ben Says:

    This looks awesome! The combat/ actions are really well done… but I think two or three sessions for setup is way too long. In the past we’ve just used systems like SKETCH because they are so simple… and I don’t think my group would continue to be enthusiastic for that long…
    Aside from that this is epic! (love the graphics, by the way)

  3. Logan Howard Says:

    Thank you very much! You are right about the sessions. I think maybe it could be expressed differently and cut down to one session with several rounds of questions.