It’s a game by “Samuel Clemens”, a young man with lots of energy. His mother isn’t very pleased with Sammy’s game and would rather it wasn’t published — but I think we should publish it anyway, don’t you? Oh – and I don’t recommend playing this game at all

To whom it may concern,

Please remove all copies of the “Owlbears” game by Samuel Clemens from your website at once!

I don’t know who put Sammy up to this nonsense, but I hope you’re very ashamed of yourselves! This “game” of his has caused a lot of injury, hurt feelings, and general mayhem in our home.

It’s very irresponsible for you to encourage young boys to act out in this manner, and I only hope no other children have read this material and thought it sounded like a fun game. IT IS NOT!

I don’t think a game involving wild horseplay, breaking furniture, and multiple bee stings is something you should be encouraging children to play! These ?Role-Playing? games are a negative influence, and we’ve removed all of them from our home, including all of the “Dragons & Dungeons” games we found in Sammy?s brother?s room. Good Riddance!

Please respect our wished and remove the Owlbears game from your website immediately. If you do not remove the game from the internet in 24 hours, we will be contacting our Lawyer.

Mrs. Clemens


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