Rage, Precognition, Grace (RPG)

RAGE: primal force, strength, and fury!

PRECOGNITION: intuition, perception, and magical power!

GRACE: agility, beauty, and composure!

I once wrote a one-page RPG called, “Rage – Precognition – Grace.” It was a few years ago. I wrote the game to be a rules-lite RPG/character sheet in one. I felt that it was possible to put everything you really need to play an RPG on one page. This game uses the same three core character traits, and shares that game’s name, but except for that, this RPG is NOT that RPG.

The desire to keep RPG rules and materials concise is still a priority, and although not the “one-page RPG” this document is as compact as possible. This RPG is a basic reworking of the Old School Fantasy RPG “The Fantasy Trip” published by Metagaming back in 1980 and written by Steve Jackson.

The PDF document covers character creation and basic task resolution. At only 8 pages (that includes the character sheet) this is a pretty tight package. The rules use a 2d6 roll high task system rather than TFT’s 3d6 roll low mechanic.

This should be considered a “Players Manual” for the game and it is intended to be used by a GM who has experience with RPG’s in general and old school style RPG’s particularly.

Included are descriptions for skills, spells, classes, races, weapons and armor and experience costs for character advancement. If I receive any interest in pursuing this project, it might be fun to follow up later with a Monster Compendium/GM Manual.

The entire document is being shared under the Creative Commons: Attribution; Non-commercial; Share-alike agreement – BY-NC-SA.


5 Responses to “Rage, Precognition, Grace (RPG)”

  1. ravensron Says:

    This is fantastic. I was one of the playtesters for TFT, incorporated much of it into my D&D games. You’ve done it proud!

  2. Jeff Moore Says:

    Wow! Thanks! (You really playtested TFT? Awesome!!)

  3. Chad Says:

    Nice work mate!

    When is the Companion system coming out?

  4. qwertyu63 Says:

    This is very nice. Really though, I think the other game with this name is better.

  5. Dustin R Says:

    I would be very interested in a Monster Manual. Even just a page or 2 of classic monsters.

    Great job. I’m running this system with my wife soon. I’m sure it’ll be fun.