Roguelike Solitaire

Roguelike Solitaire – The hack’n’slash adventure

This is a single or up to 3 player pen and paper RPG. This is a playable demo version that contains a random dungeon generator,random treasure tables and Character generation including 3 races and 4 classes. You will also be able to wield 2 weapons simultaneously or a weapon and shield.All that is required is as follows: dice-1d6,1d8,1d10 and 1d20. Players-1 to 3, pen and paper. Thats it – Have fun.


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  1. Adam Says:

    My understanding of the exploration rules are:

    Step 1) Start in room 1 with the upstairs in it.
    Step 2) Roll for number of exits, then roll for direction of exits, then connect a hallway to each exit.
    Step 3) Choose a hallway from step 2 and roll on encounter table A.
    Step 4) Enter the hallway selected in step 3 and roll on encounter table A again.
    Step 5) repeat steps 2 through 4 until you place the 10th room, thus ending that level of the dungeon.

    Assuming that my understanding is correct, my questions are thus:

    1) When is a room created instead of a hallway? Step 2 creates hallways, but there isn’t a step that creates a room. As the rules appear to be written, you create a starting room, then you create some infinitely long hallways that lead off from that room… :-)

    2) Is there a difference between a room and a hallway with regards to encounters?

    3) Are you supposed to immediately resolve the encounter in step 3 before the encounter in step 4? It sounds like you have an encounter within the starting room the minute you choose which hallway you will enter, but before you actually enter it, and THEN you have a 2nd encounter once you’re actually in that hallway.


  2. Morgan McCoy Says:

    you are totally correct Adam, i worse luck only put up a version i did not think too much on actually playing. The actual steps are thus:
    1 – create start room with up stairs
    2 – make your exit hallways
    3 – make a room at end of hallway you choose to enter
    4 – enter that hallway and roll for encounters
    5 – finish that fight and move into a room
    6 – repeat steps 2-5
    If in a hallway you only fight 1 monster at a time
    Also you dont fight in stair rooms, and yes you must finish a fight in
    the hall or room you are in b4 moving on – later i will have an escape option
    but for now this is how it has to be. Hope i answered everything properly. Morgs.

  3. Adam Says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply, Morgs! I suspected that it followed a room-hallway-room-hallway… format, but I wanted it confirmed. I’ll try playing this game today and see if any other questions come up. Are you still updating this game? If so, then I suggest that you add an url to this page to your pdf so that people can follow updates.

  4. Morgan McCoy Says:

    Hi, the best i can do is post a link to my topic – it says all about what i am doing
    Here is the link –

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  6. Jamie Says:

    Hi Morgan. I was wondering if you’re releasing this under any license? I’m trying to make a simple solitaire sci-fi dice game, and your level generation system works quite well. It would be great if your work was under Creative Commons or Public Domain. Thanks.

  7. Ivan Says:

    Hello Morgan, I’m a fan of Roguelike Solitaire.
    I found the game by accident and really like it, although I haven’t gotten to actually play it yet.
    I was wondering if you were still developing the game. I currently have the three above copies saved to my computer, but I was wondering if you have created a more recent version. In any case I’d appreciate it if you could contact me at my email: I’m getting ready to try a play through right now, but already I’ve tried playing a small amount. If you had a published copy or even just current notes I’d be really happy.

    A Bored Soldier