Santa vs. the Hippies

In Santa versus the Hippies, you play an elf charged with the job of reinstating the Christmas Spirit of a commune of Hippies. It uses a non-traditional system for combat, which is actually quite non-violent. Despite the apparent ridiculousness of the game, it does include some adult themes. This game was originally planned to be a 24 hour rpg, and it may or may not be one. This is also my first attempt at a completed game. I realize having completed the game, that it would probably make a better goofy war game than a goofy rpg, but regardless, here it is. So, if you are looking for a quality rpg, try again. If you are looking for a goofy, novelty Christmas themed game, come on in.

An emergency decree has been issued by Santa. Hippies have formed a commune in South Dakota and began amassing followers. This particular group of Hippies has become so anti-establishment, they no longer celebrate Christmas. Your mission is to sneak into the commune and remind the Hippies of the joy of Christmas.

The Elves

You are an elite tactical elf trained in the arts of Merry and Cheer. You have 4 joy bringing attacks in your arsenal. Elves move exceptionally quickly and can always escape from Hippies.

Your stats are: Cheer, Merry and Christmas Spirit

Starting points: 8 in Christmas Spirit, 5 to be used however between Cheer and Merry

Your attacks are: Toys, Candy Cane Gun, Dancing and Caroling (group attack)

The Hippies

Hippies have 4 hippie attacks. Hippies will always attack an Elf, when they see one.

Hippie stats: Buzz, Rebellion, Christmas Spirit

Starting points: 3 in Buzz, 4 in Rebellion, 200 in Christmas Spirit

Hippies? attacks: Mumbling, Ranting, Daze and Chanting (group attack)


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