Sea of Stars

What course will you choose?

Pirates, smugglers, mercs and politicians!

13 million million cubic light years, 1/3 of the galaxy, seven races, no major military conflicts and still we find ways to fight. The Galactic Republic of Civilizations tries its best to keep all of us in line but someone always wants what someone else has. Whether it is data, power or just plan currency. Lets not forget that those who have what others crave, fight just as hard to keep what they got. Even the Republic isn’t blameless; nor the Core governments, nor the Fringe.

Peace is relative. Conflict is constant.

Your course will be choppy in this Sea of Stars.


If you like playing in a world where you can be anyone and do anything then this little thing I created is for you. Sea of Stars is a table top role playing game I have written.

Set in the middle of the 23rd century on the Human calendar, it builds a broad stage for any kind of science fiction themed adventure you could ask for.


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