Space Rat

At last! A role playing game based on your favourite intergalactic anti-hero, Jack Cosmos – the Space Rat. You’ve read of his cheesy escapades in the international best selling novels, you’ve seen his devious antics on the nationally syndicated television series, and collected the spring-loaded glow-in-the-dark action figures.

Now you can take part in his outrageous adventures too! Suit up and prepare for action – you’re about to join the Space Rat’s cadre of needy girlfriends, the Femme Babes, as they set out on another wild ride across the universe!

In Space Rat: the Jack Cosmos Adventure Game! players become members of the Femme Babes, helping Jack on his adventures in the hope that he will pay them a little extra attention. As a Femme Babe you will have to work with the other girls to complete the mission, but at the same time you want to make sure no one gets more attention than you!


2 Responses to “Space Rat”

  1. sexy_milk_maid_2 Says:

    I really, really, really wish i was his femme babe so me and space rat can have some rats and babes !HOTTII i needa tha potty

  2. smorla(rabid dog and grannies included) Says:

    i will shlapp ya if ya read this biatch!