StaMTaR: Standard Method for Tasks Resolution in Role-Playing Games

This work is a very simple method for the task resolution during RPG sessions. It is a tool for game designers and developers, so it does not contain any definition, not even the “task resolution” or “RPG” ones. Because it is released under CC-BY, it can be easily included in games, also commercial products.

In other words, anyone can build its own RPG using the rules described here. Even better, having a lot of different games based on StaMTaR (“stamtardised” games) could be a very useful thing both for players and authors, IMHO. A standardised process could lead to a scenario in which a lot of products (both free and commercial) exist, products fully mutually compatible.

In the cruel modern world in which standards are often defined by marketing rules such an attempt could seem foolish. But I want to try.

Update 9/3/12: An expanded difficulty table is included, as well as an appendix for magic use in the “stamtardised” framework.
The first revision is based on playtest and web-based feedback.


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