Enter a world… where valiant knights do battle with robot dragons and the elves are pointier than usual. Superliga is d20-based, flexible, and awesome.

A much more professional looking edition of Superliga. More content! More balance! More columns! A sample campaign! What more could you ask for? More books! Ha! They’re coming soon :)

Superliga is a d20 pen and paper RPG system which is intended to encompass a variety of character concepts. The primary aim of Superliga is to provide players with a wide range of abilities for the personalisation of their characters, while allowing the the flexibility to create their own adventures. Overseer (Overseer is the word I use for “Dungeon Master” to distinguish it from D&D. I will probably revert to “DM” or “GM” because it’s easier to type in a hurry)

The cosmology of Superliga is a mournful salute to every games master ever who’s described the setting of their campaign as a film noir only to be asked if the player can make a drow ranger. Superliga takes place in the twisted psyche of that particular player’s mind – tiny splinters of the material plane float through some dark void where gigantic whales lurk. On some splinters, knights battle valiantly against dragons. On others, walking tanks fire missile salvos against psychic assassins. On the most numerous splinters, the same knights are bemusedly locked in combat with equally confused robots. All it takes to traverse from one splinter to the next is a little imagination, and of course a couple of skill points spent in the Planar school of magic.

A fully functional bestiary and inventory is not a major aim of this edition, but some concessions to Overseers who believe they’re too important to come up with their own statistics for a short sword in their imaginary fantasy land will be made. After all, I need to keep my own notes on my imaginary fantasy land somewhere, so putting it in my own personal rulebook makes sense.


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