TAGS Star Wars

Here’s my Star Wars RPG based on the unnamed Neverwhere system – which I’ve dubbed ‘TAGS’ – the Action Game System because it’s ‘Star Wars style’ action orientated and because descriptive ‘tags’ which describe characters also indicate what they can and can’t do.

Characters begin with one ‘background’ which provides a starting point for tags, skills and equipment. Players then select 6 tags and 4 levels of skills based on a brief one-two paragraph description of the character.

Action resolution is 1D1+applicable tags (and skills, equipment etc.) verses the opponents roll – or rarely, a static difficulty number. The winner of the roll decides what happens. The players should never know how many ‘hits’ they can take, instead the Narrator describes the effects (which become temporary tags) of the wounds they suffer.

Unlike most role-playing games, a Star Wars character in this game is neatly described in one or sometimes two paragraphs. From this brief pr?cis, the player will select six descriptive words or phrases, which we?ll refer to as tags from hereon in, that are used to encapsulate the characters main abilities, characteristics or traits. Additionally, the player can choose 4 levels of skills and a ?background? to round out his character; the background is something of a ?meta? tag which carries with it some bonuses and sometimes a penalty or two.

The easiest way to begin is to think about the type of character you?d like to play then choose a background or make up one of your own with the Narrator?s assistance. Most backgrounds come with one or more free tags which don?t count against your limit of 6 initial tags so it?s often best to start here.

Once you have a descriptive paragraph or two, underline the words or phrases that take your fancy. It?s likely that there?ll be more than 6 tags that you?d like to choose but limit it to 6 and keep the others in mind for future character development.


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