Tales of Lust

Sleeping within the darkness of ruined castles clinging to a mountain peak, howling within the woods, eerie lights luring travellers to their deaths in the swampland and fair and cruel riders on black steeds; amongst these you count yourself. You’re a nightmare creature, naught but a monster within a fairytale told countless times across the lands; a nightmare creature chained to a fate worse than death by the power of words. With each telling of your tale, of the town surviving the darkest creatures thrown at it through sheer tenacity, you are put through the motions and must once more prey on mortals, once more battle with the other evils. But even a monster can wish for something better than chains of words and bestial lusts.

You know that with each telling, with each battle with heroes and other monsters, the tale changes and takes new turns. And one day that winding tale might just bring you freedom.


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