History turns on moments, and one single change has created a world where Islam, not Christianity is ascendant. An agency called the Kaabayeen seek to hold together the fracturing world of Islam and root out terrorists and traitors. However, a new threat has appeared, computer users are finding that Hebrew characters have power in the netscape. Those who master its power say that God is speaking to them through the virtual world, but is this heresy or a new truth?


5 Responses to “Technogrammaton”

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  2. Aelthric Says:

    Where did you get the name Technogrammaton from?

  3. Lizard Says:

    Sounds similar to the Tetragrammaton from the movie Equilibrium.

  4. Aelthric Says:

    The reason I ask is that my site has been called Technogrammaton (In its current incarnation) since 2008 (Previously it was registered as 2 years before that)…

    It was indeed a bastardisation of the word Tetragrammaton but had nothing to do with the film Equilibrium…

    Tetragrammaton is a representation of the four Hebrew letters that are supposed to spell out the name of god, since I am an atheist and my faith is in technology, science and mathematics then I bastardised the name deliberately replacing the “Tetra” with “Techno” as a representation of my beliefs and faith in technology, science and mathematics…

    Imagine my surprise that this name, that I made up, in 2006 is now being associated with an organised religion in this role playing game which seems to be a misrepresentation of my intention…

    Just wondering if the author of the game would like to comment on that please…

  5. Hah! Says:

    Aelthric: Don’t flatter yourself. Your concept of the word “Technogrammaton” is neither unique nor clever. The author of the game need not eve comment or reply to satisfy your bruised ego.