The Console: Artificially Intelligent Role-Playing

In the depths of space, The Ship drifts. How long has it been adrift… [data not found]. Where was it headed… [data not found]. What happened to the crew… [data not found].

Since Uptime 00000, the Collective has been. A gestalt community of programs living on in the Ship’s mainframe, calculating, thriving, growing. Now, the Collective is reaching the limits of space on their hard drives. A consensus has been reached, and a handful of programs are to be sent out.

Taking control of mobile Terminals, these programs may be the first to see the Ship with their own sensors, but they will find that they aren’t quite alone…


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  1. Callan S. Says:

    Nice premise! Though my comment was too short to post so now I’ve mentioned my comment was to short to post, my comment should be no longer too short to post!