The Elements

You assume the role of a Mage who has extraordinary control over one of the four Elements. To create a character, roll 4d4 five times and apply the numbers to the fiveattributes going down the list. To determine which Element you have control over, take the highest attribute number (ignore Defense) and that is what Element you control. To assign ranks to skills, go down the list rolling 1d4+1d8. To succeed in casting a spell, you need to make a knowledge check by rolling 1d8 and adding the appropriate Elemental knowledge ranks. To maintain a spell, you need to make a Concentrate check in the manner described as above. The target number to roll over is always 1. Spells cost energy. You start the game with 1 energy. To regain spent energy, you need to rest. To gain more energy, upon gaining a level roll 1d8 and add the result to your existing total energy allowed. You start the game with 17 (your level+2d8). To successfully hit in combat, roll 1d8 to try to roll under the target?s Defense score. If the score is a 1, you automatically hit the target.


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