The Hive

The Hive is a game set in a world that has been taken over by mobs under the control of an alien mind. Sometime in the late 196s, London Transportundercovered an alien spacecraft while excavating an extension at the Hobs Lane underground station. There was a lot of publicity about the discovery of Martians in London. However, it ended when a force in the craft awakened. The force took over the minds of those nearby, and welded them into a mob dedicated to killing any who would not join them.

At some point it all fell apart… I don’t know how. One day, everyone was normal – the next day, the mobs had arrived. Blank, mindless and with strange powers: they roamed the streets, killing everyone they met who wasn’t one of them.

A few of us are immune, but there are less of us everyday. The mob takes us. Some of us think that the controller lives in the structur e thay have been building in central London. Some of us think they’re Martians …
Just like poor Bernard did.
– Diaries of Professor Roney


One Response to “The Hive”

  1. Pete Jones Says:

    Good rule system and good backstory, the only let down is the number of typos in the rules, missing letters and misspelt words. Once these are corrected it would be an improvement.