The Impulse RPG

The Impulse RPG is a generic rules set that is easy to use and customize. The rules are modular, so you can adapt them to your particular style of play and the needs of your game. The simplicity of the system lets you get into the game quickly and not have to slow down for complex rolls. This makes it ideal for play over the Internet. The abstract nature of the rules makes it easy to implement into a variety of genres.

Characters are defined by their Traits, which are ranked on a competence ladder between one and ten. The core of the system is a roll of two six-sided dice, with the players adding the value of their Trait to the roll to generate the highest possible total. During the game, the players will accumulate Coins, which can be used as metagame influence to give their characters a variety of advantages and also to improve their Traits.

The core rules are augmented by a variety of extras that add extra functionality to the game. You can add extras to create rules for complex duels, ship to ship combat in space or the high seas, or the creeping threat of madness. Extras can also modify the core of the game, adding more player interaction, cinematic flair, or hack-and-slash style.

Our intent is to make a game that can fade into the background as much as possible so that you can enjoy playing your characters and their interactions with the worlds that inspire you.


2 Responses to “The Impulse RPG”

  1. Ambz Says:

    are there any rpg games that you DON’T have to download??


  2. Josh Says:

    Hey Ambz:
    If you click the link your browser should open the file in a PDF viewer (probably Acrobat Reader), so you don’t actually have to save anything to your computer.