The Knights of Twilight

This is my entry to the Ronnies award.

My game is called the Knights of Twilight.

It is a game about fencing.

Quite a lot of RPGs have tried to construct a realistic simulation of a sword duel or swordplaying, so far. As far as I understand swordplaying, with almost 10 years of fencing competitions on my shoulders, they all failed. This game, or at least the state of development in which this game is so far (very starting), wants to bring to the players the very thrill of instant-decision that is both tactical and practical; that a “life on the edge” which is the very momentum in the life of a fencer. An edge that is sharp, quick, and deadly.

I added some dark-fantasy color to it, because I always found interesting to explore a character that is a hero, but because of his ties to darkness. A double-edge that is both source of hope and damnation.


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