The Secret Lives of Serial Killers

The Secret Lives of Serial Killers was written for the February 2011 Ronnies, based on the ingredients of
“Murder” and “Morning.” It is a horrible, brutal game, that no one should ever play, based on the concepts
of “abusive game design.”

In The Secret Lives of Serial Killers, two players deceive a third player into thinking they are playing a
game called “Sunshine Boulevard,” a feel-good structured freeform game about quirky recluses in love. In
fact, they are setting up the third player as the serial killer’s victim, to be killed in play.


2 Responses to “The Secret Lives of Serial Killers”

  1. wtf Says:

    O_o …<————-|
    \ … WTF? |

  2. Jake Says:

    Love the concept of “Sunshine Boulevard”..would be good for a laugh.