TROLL BLADE. One SINGLE page. One FULL fantasy RPG. In the tradition of both 1km1kt’s Adventurer rpg and R(age), P(recognition), G(race), the TROLL BLADE PLAYER’S GUIDE presents both the rules AND the character sheet on the SAME sheet of paper. Old-skool adventuring in the spirit of red box D’n’D and Fighting Fantasy – requires dice and pencils!

HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT : In hand-to-hand combat both parties roll 1d2 and add their CB (melee). If either side is using a shield then roll the shield?s DB at the same time and subtract that from the opponents roll. The highest score wins. After damage is rolled the opponent may make a DR roll which either deflects ALL the damage by rolling EQUAL or HIGHER than the damage roll or NONE at all by rolling lower. Death occurs at HP.


One Response to “Trollblade”

  1. Dimitri Says:

    I liked this RPG a lot, but to be honest I wish it would have had less spelling/grammar errors and type-os. They just make it kind of hard to get through it.

    If they were fixed I would definitely use it.

    Aside from that though, a great game.