Uncle Louis

Here is my forge/Ronnie competition entry, based on the key words whisper murder.


This is a game based on the court of Louis XVI, the last King of France, who was executed after the French revolution.  His reputation is of a well meaning, but indecisive ruler who relied heavily on the effectiveness of his appointed advisors and was forever subject to the desires of the nobles who comprised his court.  Any historical accuracy presented in this game is purely coincidental.

Each player takes the role of one of the nobles in Louis’s court, but their identity is kept secret from other players.  The aim of the game is get a puppet King installed on the French throne who is beholden to the player’s character for his position.  Untold wealth and favors then ensure.  The trouble is, all of the other players  are also angling for the same outcome with their own man.  And of course there is the pesky business of running the country itself, lest the peasants revolt and chop off everybody’s head.

These unscrupulous, wannabe  “powers behind the throne” will stop at nothing to achieve their aims.  Sex, scandal, blackmail, bribery, strong-arming, dueling and even murder are de rigueur.


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