vs Monsters

vs. Monsters is a roleplaying game in which the players take the roles of 19th century monster hunters living in the America of the time. This is the America of Edgar Allan Poe. This is America seen though the goggles of distortion that are used by such greats as Lewis Carrol, Tim Burton, and Mike Mignola. This is America as it never really was.

If you like the free version above, you can download the commercial version of vs. Monsters here.

Philip Reed always finds it funny when he?s writing about himself in the third-person. It?s just one of those strange things that writers tend to do on occasion. Writing about himself in the third-person is almost as funny as calling himself a writer. A graphic artist for over eight years Philip has spent more time pushing images, words, and assorted bits around trying to make them look pretty than he has trying to string words together into a form that people will pay him for.

Philip is rambling now and could probably stop and work on something a bit more important like finishing the game but instead he prefers to tell you a little more about himself. Philip is an Origins Award nominated game designer (Frag, 2001, Steve Jackson Games) but that really only means as much as the Awards themselves (which isn?t much at all). He?s also worked on some other things like the Munchkin Master?s Guide, Car Wars, and Battle Cattle The Card Game (all Steve Jackson Games) and Enter the Viking (for Atlas Games? Rune). His non-game, Vigilante, still brings in fan mail but he?s happy to report that the hate mail has slowed to one annoying e-mail a month.


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