Warriors, Wizards & Wanderers

Welcome to a world where magic exists and legends are true, a world where knights battle dragons to save the day, a world where cunning thieves try to outsmart powerful warlocks to snatch some of their treasures. Welcome to the fantasy world of Warriors, Wizards & Wanderers!

Warriors, Wizards & Wanderers is a complete fantasy RPG in 6 pages, including everything you need for some old school gaming action. It is intended as a beer & pretzel game but it can be easily expanded for a more serious kind of play.

The game is very rules-light and minimalist by design. You can learn how to play and create your first character in less than 10 minutes. The rules assume you’re familiar with tabletop role-playing games and with common fantasy tropes and conventions. No default setting is provided but the GM can use his favorite fantasy kitchen sink or any other existing fantasy setting instead.

To play you need good old six-sided dice (d6), at least one twenty-sided die (d20), pens, paper and some friends. Drinks and something to eat can be useful too, as well as a table and some kind of chair for everyone. And now, have fun!

II The Basiics
When your character needs to do something difficult like solving a riddle or avoiding a cunning trap, you make a Challenge roll to see if the character succeeds: roll a d20 and add the relevant Trait modifier (such as Might for breaking down a door). If the result equals or exceeds the Difficulty of the Challenge roll, the character is successful. In the following rules, this will be noted as a Challenge roll. The Difficulty is set by the GM and is usually between 10 and 20.

Opposed rolls are used only in case of a conflict between characters. Each involved character make a Challenge roll with a Difficulty equal to the result of his opponent. That means the character with the highest total is the winner of the contest.


4 Responses to “Warriors, Wizards & Wanderers”

  1. gen Says:

    i wanna try this one…. i hope its good

  2. Thermight Says:


    Bad stuff:
    How the text is arranged.
    I think the part describing the player and monster stats could be more clearly defined, put in a list with some bold letters, instead as it is now; contained inside an ordinary paragraph.
    The same to be said about the bestiary Section with the Trait modifiers.

    Good stuff:
    Some rearrangeing in the text would make the game one that I would like to print out, and GM to my kid brother(s) this chrismas.

    ‘Tunnel Quest’ feels a little bit better until now, and will probably be my chrismas pick instead of this wone. But if this one gets fixed it would be harder to decide, and I would probably try both!

    My Houserules so far:
    I often dislike how daggers often suck in rpg’s. I would change the damage do d10 or something, tiny lower damage than standard handweapon, but can still get a good hit against armored foe.(connect to an unarmored spot)

  3. pooka_bwee Says:

    I’ve downloaded it, played it and liked it, loved it in fact….except that the rules are all over the place.

    So, I’m rearranging the rules, adding a few of my own and put it up on 1km1kt for commnets and abuse.

    Hope that’s OK Xavier!

  4. pooka_bwee Says:

    I’m done.

    The new rules were submitted for publication today and are called Sword & Spell. I’ll post more when it’s up on site.