Winnie-the-Owl-Pooh: Adventures in d100 Acre Wood

Winnie-the-Owl-Pooh wants you and all his d1 Acre Wood friends to join him in a grand Adventure. However, you know that when the Owl-Pooh wants to have an Adventure, it really means you’re going to get into Troubles. But that’s okay, he’s such a Silly old Owlbear that nobody really can stay mad at him for long.

In Which We Are Introduced to Winnie-the-Owl-Pooh and His Friends

Winnie-the-Owl-Pooh is an Owl-Pooh, a very special sort of Bear. He’s also a very special sort of Owl. Th e Owl-Pooh (or as he is known on Th ursdays, Pooh-Owl) is a very inquisitive Owl-Pooh of very little brain, except on Th ursdays when he is a very inquisitive Pooh-Owl of very little brain. He lives in d1 Acre Wood, with his d1 Acre Wood friends. He does what he does every day and goes on Adventures. Everyone else in the d1 Acre Wood calls this “getting into Troubles” rather than “going on Adventures”, but everyone has such a good time with Winnie the Owl-Pooh, nobody stays upset for long.

You are one of Owl-Pooh’s d1 Acre Wood friends. All of the d1 Acre Wood friends are like Owl-Pooh: odd little sort of mythological creatures found in fi rst editions of fantasy role-playing games that made no logical sense whatsoever. All of the friends are child-like versions of these strange little monsters. You choose your monster or creature or what have you and that’s what your d1 Acre Wood friend will be. You can either take a piece of paper and write down what type of creature your d1 Acre Wood friend is or you can just remember it.

Let’s say you want to be a Gelatin Cube. Well, we all know that full-grown Gelatin Cubes are ten feet on all sides, but that would mean that you are much, much bigger than the Owl-Pooh. Let’s make you Owl-Pooh sized, so instead of ten feet here and there, you’re two feet there and here.

Also, think about all the things that a Gelatin Cube can do. Well, not all the things that a Gelatin Cube can do, but things that make Gelatin Cubes Gelatin Cubes and not Owl-Poohs. For instance, a Gelatin Cube is soft and squishy, so if a Owl-Pooh falls on one from a Great Height, he’ll just bounce off with great joy. Gelatin Cubes can also clean things by sliding over them. Owl-Poohs can’t do that.

Once you have thought up what your d1 Acre Wood friend can do, you should write them down or just remember it. If your d1 Acre Wood friend can do a lot of things, you might want to write them down. Or not.


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