1KM1KT Published Authors

Today I checked the 1KM1KT mailbox like I do every morning (yes, all the e-mails are read by the monkeys at 1KM1KT) and found the following:


My name is Kevin Scott of UKG Publishing; we have today completed and signed a contract with Joe Prince to publish his role-play game Piledrivers and Powerbombs. We now own the copyright to this game. We would therefore be grateful if you can remove the above free download from your website. Should you wish to replace this item with a link to the E-version of this product we can provide a link to a paid download.

We thank you for your co-operation in this matter and should you wish to contact us, please just reply to this email. Should we have written to the wrong email address please either forward a copy of this email intact to the correct person, or reply with the responsible persons email address. You can of course also phone us on +44 1723 XXXXXX we are based in the UK

Naturally, this type of e-mail has mixed emotions for me. On the one hand, I’m thrilled that one of our members has made the leap from RPG enthusiast to published author, and it makes me happy to think that maybe our site contributed to their success in some small way. On the other hand, We’re always sad to have to take down our precious online RPG content – especially when it’s something we’ve really enjoyed.

I guess for now we’ll have to continue to settle for the idea that we’re doing our job of getting the word out there for RPG authors. That said I’d like to take this opportunity to salute all of the members of 1KM1KT, both past a present, who have had the gumption to get out there and take their work to a higher level.


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