I Play The Battle Royale RPG

the Battle Royale RPG keeps to the spirit of the first movie and has most of the items found as “weapons” in the students’ survival packs.There aren’t any of the combo assault rifles/grenade launchers from BRII, though. For those who don’t know by now Battle Royale is about sending trouble high school students to an island to kill each other off, with a last man standing goal. That it was written by an actual high school student, Evil1 AKA Robbie Cousineau adds to the flavor of the game. Unfortunately there are a lot of spelling mistakes and the rules for character creation, skills and combat.The rules though simple, are not clearly expressed. These sorts of typos and errors found in other games are annoying, but they actually kind of add flavor to this game. Also, with a little work, the presentation could be improved and it doesn’t keep the game down. So, no big deal. The weapons list follows pretty closely to the first movie as does the suggested dangers and plot set up. Character creation should allow you to play most of the original students. That by itself makes this game worth playing! Especially if you can get a cut of the video that the students are shown in the first movie to have your players watch before the game. I checked and Evil1 is fortunately wrong about the availability of the movies and manga: Battle Royale and the sequel BR II are both in fact available to rent or buy in the United States as is the manga series! However due to “Community Standards” laws these and other fine movies and products may be banned within your local area of the USA. Watch these movies before playing the game for a wonderful time re enacting your favorite blood baths. This game is also a great outlet for playing out violent revenge fantasies on your class mates. Just make your class the one kidnapped into the BR program.(Because, of course in real life violence is wrong.) Battle Royale RPG also provides opportunities to create back stories, plot lines, relationships and all the drama to be found in the world of Battle Royale.


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