Ironwood Media Review of E-RPG

I received this email from Willie Santana of Ironwood Media. If you would be interested in writing a review of their product for a free copy of the game, please let me know.



Hi all, I first let me say that I have enjoyed reading your blogs for the past few months.

I am one of the founding members (sounds more impressive than it is) of Ironwood Omnimedia Company. We created the E-RPG system and we are ready to fully release the Fantasy Sagas (shortly).

Now, I was wondering if you’d like to get a crack at our game before we release it. No holds barred; good or bad (we hope is good) we want to hear your criticism and hopefully you’ll tell your readers about it.

I look forward to your response.


Willie Santana, MGRM
Chief Operations Officer
Ironwwood Omnimedia Company, LLC

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