Parliamentary! A Game of Politics; Powered by the Lucky Number System

Tired of Corrupt Politicians, a Bungling Bureaucracy, and a bunch of people you wouldn’t trust to cut the grass, making important decisions for you and your community?! Parliamentary! is a game wherein the players take the role of legislators and take control of the governmental process. Compete against or Conspire with your friends to “Make A Better World” or at least get rich while pretending too. Make deals with corporations and get kick-backs and “incentives” from lobbyists. Protect the environment for future generations. Even root out the Pinko Commie Subversives in your society!

Parliamentary! is centered around the legislative process with an emphasis on the traditional rules of order. You can make motions for new laws to support your politics and platforms, shoot down your opposites in open debate, and vote on these exciting issues. The fun doesn’t stop there however, you can expand into the world of governmental cover-ups, society building, and waging your own personal wars.

This game comes with:

The Lucky Number System- An exciting and different set of gaming mechanics to be used with Parliamentary! or whatever you wish to slap it on. It is based on a median limit rather than a terminal limit (rolling in the middle is good).

Parliamentary! A Game of Politics- The basic framework with all the information you need to build your own world of intrigue, backstabbing, stomping on the little guy, improper behavior, and other various power broker entertainments.

Lame Duck- An introductory world/scenario which centers around “Da Holla”, which uses the basics of the game. The players take the role of various farm and wild animal representatives in the local Congress of Animals.

“Parliamentary! A Game of Politics is also a great and non-invasive way to learn about legislative process as well as “Robert’s Rules’ of Order”, not to mention rooting out Pinko Commie Subversives?”

-T.C. Ayers pretending to be McCarthy

Article I. By-Laws – Wherein the Chairperson is named and the elements of Theme Setting, Goals, and the Mode of Play are delineated to fashion the game to meet your troupes’ vision.

Section I. Naming the Chair – The position of Chairperson is analogous to Game Master in a standard role-playing game and as such may not require an active determination. The position of Chair may be nominated or assumed by an individual. Limits of term may be imposed on the Chair. The limit may be extended or shortened by consensus. The duties of the Chairperson include, but are not limited to, overall record keeping, facilitating game play, and being the final word in the game. The duties and responsibilities are further delineated in Article IV.

Section II. Theme – This is the overall flavor of the game. The Theme, as determined by the troupe, can vary a great deal. Possible ideas include focusing on humor, philosophical or moral issues, conspiracy theories, or even Machiavellian plots.


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