RPG Laboratory: Free Tools for Role Playing Game Developers

The makers of 1KM1KT are proud to present the launch of our sister website, RPG Laboratory!

1KM1KT is all about free RPG games. We publish them online, we promote them, and we even have a forum for developers to chat back and forth. This is great, but we’ve come to realize that we’re really missing out on one of the coolest aspects of role playing – development.

RPG Laboratory is geared specifically for this aspect of gaming. So much so we felt a new site was in order (plus it gets old looking at that same orc picture day in and day out).

With RPG Laboratory, you own and maintain your own section of the website where you can write campaign material, flesh out game mechanics, or talk about your project. It’s yours to work on and yours to control with as little or as much assistance as you want.

Open Source

Role playing games are for sharing. A lot of people have already invented the wheel, and the same is true with RPGs. RPG Laboratory is based on the open source philosophy quickly becoming popular in the software industry that promotes idea sharing and community improvement. Unless you’re planning to make a profit, the work you find on RPG Laboratory is OK to use in your own creation. It can be modified to suit your needs or used as-is.

It’s Free

One of the things that’s made 1KM1KT so popular is that we don’t charge for anything. The same goes with RPG Laboratory. Show your support for 1KM1KT and sign up for an account now. We need as much feedback as possible, so please let us know what you think.

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