A simple system of a percentile roll against the combination of a stat and skill is used. You can design your own guns, cars are free form, and a number of optional rules are provided. There is no setting per say, but there are a few suggestions in the added work.

Please, give me some feedback! The original version of the rules have been sitting on my website for three years and I still don’t know if they’re any good. Admittedly, they are more of a test of my page layout skills than of an original system, but this is a format I want to use more in the future. Its my hope to do this professionally sometime in the near future, so its your chance to help an aspiring author. Even if you don’t have any suggestions I am always interested to hear about others experience with my games.

For an unofficial variation of these rules, check out “The Chosen” by Alex Windsor.

Basic Mechanics

This game relies on the use of 1 sided dice ? up to a half dozen at a time for some weapon damage rolls ? though only two per player are truly needed. Optionally, a number of d6s can be used for the damage of weapons to reduce the lethality of the game.

Most of the actions in the game are accomplished by rolling percentile dice (D%). This is done by rolling 2d1 (two ten sided dice), counting one as the tens column, and the other as the ones column. For example, if I roll a red die, and a blue die, calling the red one the tens, and get outcomes of 4 and 5 respectively, the end result is 45%. If both dice come up zero, then the result is 1%.

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