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Stefan Livingstone Shirley

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

“Stefan has a propensity for colorful metaphor,” his HS English teacher once had cause to remark.

That describes him pretty well. When not wearing the student cap as a Philosophy Major at Oneonta State in NY, he enjoys bicycling, reading, writing, gaming, and making excuses for the fact that he hasn’t practiced bass guitar or inline skating.

He currently brings home the bacon working in Web Development and Desktop Support. In the past he has worked as a horse-drawn carriage driver and tour guide, an international telephone operator, a janitor, retail clerk and supervisor, McDs closing manager, and ordained minister.

His Site.


24 Hour RPG – Grand Guignol game

Chris J. Gunning

Friday, July 30th, 2004

Legendary Hero, Reality Fulcrum.

Chris was born in the late 7’s (and to dispel the rumor – NOT the early 5’s) to the horror of a nation. He stands over seven feet tall and can eat a whole watermelon in one sitting. In stark contrast, he occupies comparatively little space to you or I. It is this efficiency that separates him from the animals. Chris defies an exact place of birth because I’ve never bothered to ask him. How would he know for sure anyway?

We do know that he was raised in Texas and dubbed it the Lone Star state shortly after his favorite holiday – The Day After Christmas. Chris has been with 1KM1KT since the beginning and maintains a steady vigil as lead-copywriter and protector of the innocent. Without his contributions we would surely be short one writer.

Currently, Chris is doing an unnamed service for his country in the foreign nation of Bangladesh, where he spends his time privately voicing concerns about the rainy season. Chris is known as the king behind the king, and sometimes the king to the immediate left of the king.

He makes no bones about anything.

A decorated writer, Chris has been published by such outstanding organizations as White Wolf , Privateer Press, Dream Pod Nine, and Majestic 12 Games. His contributions to 1KM1KT include the monthly column Off My Shelf as well as StickGuy the Roleplaying Game and a variety of Spycraft supplements.

He is an avid member of and where his posts are repeatedly replied to.

When asked where he wanted to be in ten years, Chris said:

“I want to move the professional basketball season to the summer. Have it start right after March Madness and continue on into the summer and early parts of the Fall. Right now, all we got during the summer is baseball and (ungh) NASCAR… so it will not be competing for the attention of the public as much as it does now (against Football, College Basketball, College Football, and Hockey). If you move basketball into the summer you have more access to the arena (since you are not competing with hockey games) as well as a general public that has less sports to watch. Plus, basketball is a summer sport… it makes sense.”

Which we found a little confusing.

Anywho, Chris – we like you. Thank you for being here.


StickGuy, the Roleplaying Game

Jay Steven Anyong

Thursday, July 1st, 2004

Jay Steven Anyong was born and raised in the Philippines in 198, and has always been known to most of his family as the weird one.

Inspired by a rotting copy of an RPG and hobby mail order catalog, he spent many hours designing dungeons and making his first pseduo-rpg at the age of 6, trying to figure out how to format a good looking document in an old ratty typewriter in his room.

Years later, after killing his once perfect eyesight with a Commodore 64 and acquiring his first “real” RPG, a box set of Star Frontiers, Jay took his first baby steps to being a game designer. Realizing that his rules were crap compared to TSR’s sci-fi game, Jay became a system junkie, scavenging ideas for game rules from any possible sources.

Aside from trying to be more than an amateur game designer, Jay also writes, tossing most of his stories into Fiction Press and wondering when he’ll be able to make a game that would finally introduce Roleplaying games into the Mindshare of Philippine Pop Culture.

Jay’s mind is usually accessible through the web through The Secret Files of the Pointyman


24 Hour RPG Project – Crack Kung-Fu Fighting Bunnies Go!