1940 – England Invaded

I wrote this game originally in response to a challenge on The Forge forum to design a role-playing game within 24 hours, from start to finish. I actually worked on the first draft for only 16 hours. However, the finished game was only half the game I really wanted, so I have continued to add to it ? adding more skills, rules for wound recovery, expanded weapon tables, updating the character sheet, adding some rules for gaining hero points after adventures and some adventure and mission ideas.

I decided on a traditional style of role-playing game, where characters are created by assigning attributes and skills and so on because the old-fashioned feel of the game seemed to warrant it.

The game is inspired by recent events in Iraq, The Eagle has Landed (book by Jack Higgins and movie starring Michael Caine), The Secret Army, lots of movies about the resistance in France and so on, and an old West End Games rpg by Greg Costikyan called The Price of Freedom. I suppose I can?t talk about the HomeGuard without also mentioning Dad?s Army and although this game is not a comedy, much is owed to that famous British sit com. It is pure fantasy albeit with a historical base and should be read and should be played as such.


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