A Fistful of Frenchmen

Take part in the fight to liberate Texas from its French oppression!

This is a mostly-finished alpha version of what will hopefully be a more in-depth system/setting.

Based on 2d6+mods resolution, fixed damage.

The year is 1844. Following their successful defense against Mexican forces, the Republic of Texas faced a new foe. Quick to take advantage of their weakened position, French forces moved in by sea, seeking to regain a foothold in North America. Their forces were more disciplined, more determined, and better equipped than the forces of the Mexican Army, and soon France was calling Texas a French Territory. The United States of America, while wary of their new neighbors, had no cause for war, and left the Republic to their own devices. No Texan was comfortable living under French Rule, however, and the native tribes were divided, some siding with the French and others preferring the devil they knew to this new invader.

Texans began to fight back. Not all at once, but slowly and surely, the movement began. Gunmen, drifters, and bandits from nearby territories heard of the profit to be made fighting off the French Occupancy.

In this swirl of native warriors, French soldiery, and Texan roughnecks, any enterprising man (or woman) can make their mark. Will you?


2 Responses to “A Fistful of Frenchmen”

  1. adonies Says:

    I like the ruleset, but I’m a bit outgunned in the historic setting. Can you please provide an example adventure with sample encounters resolution, please?

  2. Nathan Abrahams Says:

    Apologies for not seeing this comment sooner.

    If you want to give me some more detail about what you’re looking for, see my blog linked in my name here. I’ve just dusted off this system and am thinking about doing more with it, so if you have feedback, please feel free to drop on by.