Jedi is an original RPG that used to be based on the Star Wars universe. It is simple, complete, and has been over 25 years in the making. Rules cover Character Creation, Aliens, Droids, Combat, Skills, Vehicles and starships (of all sizes), Force Powers and skills, World Creation, and much more. Uses 6-sided exclusively for simplicity.

This game was originally written during the summer of 1980. Back then, only “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back” had been released. “Return of the Jedi” was still in storyboards. Only a couple books had been written, and there was Marvel Comics’ Star Wars series trying to fill in some of the gaps between the movies. That was about it, as far as information on the Star Wars universe was concerned. When I decided to write a role-playing game based on the movies, there was a whole lot of stuff I had to guess at and as more movies and books were released, a lot of it turned out to be wrong. I’ve tried to incorporate as much of that as I could without disturbing the flow of the game. Some of my wrong guesses, such as the availability of Force training, the history of the Clone Wars and where Stormtroopers come from, I’ve left in because I think they result in a more rounded game. I’ve also kept the setting in a hypothetical era between the end of the clone wars and the destruction of the Jedi. A nascent rebellion is just beginning to make itself
felt, but isn’t big enough yet to be a problem to the Empire. This way we can have Stormtroopers AND Jedi together. And the limitations of my clever little ‘Droid system have been blown completely out of the water.
I’ve ignored the specialized combat ‘Droids of the Clone Wars and concentrated on the general service ‘Droid hulls with which Adventurers will have most contact and use. I’ve expanded the Force powers a bit, and
there are always more Aliens to add. And until George Lucas Himself tells me otherwise (in person, of course), I’m going to insist that Yoda was from Dagobah.

My original intention was to produce a fully featured, functional and playable game that would fit in about 100 manuscript pages, resulting in a 40 page magazine-sized book that could sell for about $5-$6 US. I also hated having to use all those weird shaped dice that cost way too much money. I wanted my game system to use 6-sided dice exclusively. This was way before West End Games got the role-playing license and made their d6 only system.

After my game was pretty much done, I started hawking it to different game publishers, and tried getting permission to do so from Lucasfilm and Kenner (the holder of the game & toy rights at the time). Neither would talk to me until I got permission from the other. As I continued to push, I got a “friendly” little cease-and-desist order (Included at the end of the book) that scared the bejeebeez out of me. So I ceased
and desisted. Until now.

I hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I did in designing it.


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