A Song Without End

A Song Without End is about family, in horrid conditions, and the meaning of justice that arises, when one man has more power than he may know what to do with. The game is set in post-WW2 Soviet Russia, and each player takes the role of a single family, struggling to survive and cling to their existence in the community.

A Song Without End is set in a dismal neighborhood in Soviet Russia shortly after the end of WW2 in Europe. There are still jobs, certainly, but they are almost all working on assembly lines in brutal conditions for state factories. Marketplaces almost never have the goods that are required, and the lines when they do have something are astronomical. Families crowd into small spaces, many people sleeping in the same room. Some families aren’t even lucky enough to have their own room. But they do have each other.

However, there are threats to the tranquility of this family life. Stalin is still the Premier, and his secret police are still arresting and murdering countless ?traitors? to Mother Russia every week. And the voice that condemns you to them may be the voice that sings your praises from the room next door.


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