Advanced Dungeon Squad

As it follows on from Alternate Dungeon Squad, I’ve decided to call it ADVANCED DUNGEON SQUAD. It’s changes include an additional 4 classes, firearms, advanced combat tactics and psychic powers. Hand to hand combat is harder and there’s more spells and monsters. It should still fit just about any style of play or campaign, homebrewed or published, and i’ve found that it’s easy as … to convert just about any published role play adventure into a ..Squad adventure.

DUNGEON SQUAD is a great, simple system created by Jason Morningstar and designed to introduce younger players to Role Playing Games. Alternate DUNGEON SQUAD took that and modified it to suit my tastes as more experienced, older and time poor gamer. ADS amounts to a fine-tuning of that concept through game play and some new ideas. As with it?s predecessors, ADS assumes a measure of RPG experience on behalf the players and referee, can be used in just about any fantasy setting and suits both story driven play as well as hack and slash gaming. Required items for play include someone to act as a referee, some players, a quiet room, a table, pencils, paper and a dice set from d4 up to d12.

Dungeon Squad and both Alternate Dungeon Squads are covered by the Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike 2.5 Creative Commons license. Any comments regarding ADS may be sent to and the title should lead with the title ADS.


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