Adventure RPG

ADVENTURER is my first entry here. These rules originally were designed for a Fighting Fantasy style game book that it turned out I was too lazy to write. The idea here is for a 1-page RPG that covered all the bases of a typical fantasy RPG. It is meant as a tool for an experienced GM to introduce newcomers to the hobby with all the common trappings of fantasy they may be familiar with, or as a fun, light romp for experienced players looking to kill some time with a quick pick-up game.

What’s it about? Generic, vanilla fantasy, pure and simple. Magical, mysterious, forest-dwelling Elves, stout and sturdy Dwarves in their underground halls, cunning and crafty Goblins from fetid swamps and bogs, and of course brave, determined Men defending their kingdoms. Fighter, rogues, and wizards wander the land in search of adventure.

It contains a fairly complete semi-freeform magic system, rules for combat (naturally), unconsciousness, death, and pretty much every kind of damage I could think of. The character sheet is included on the single page that contains all the rules. The only big things I left off are an equipment list (but there are enough of those around that you shouldn?t have any trouble in that area) and a bestiary (as it would take up too much of my one page, and any creature can be made on the fly with the same basic stats as a Player Character).

Well, here is my humble submission. Enjoy (or not) as you see fit. I?d love to hear any feedback or answer any questions, either on the message board here or by email at

Joe Pruitt

P.S. Thanks to Tad for helping with the format, and Jeff for the weapon rating idea I stole from his RPG Gothic Worlds.


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