UPDATE 03/21/11: File removed per author’s request.

Several years ago, myself and Dave Sharrocks met with B7 Media (the current owners of Blake’s 7) to discuss the possibility of a rpg in the Blake’s 7 universe.

Talks went quite well, so we produced a draft of a game that would hopefully form the basis of the full B7 role playing game.

However, during our meetings it became evident that there were huge licensing issues with the property and talks stalled and then all went quiet.

In the attached zip file is a word.doc of the rules together with a pdf with some artwork taken from all over the web to pretty-fy the rules a bit. There are also 2 cover designs that Dave was playing with before the whole thing went kaput.

I hope that rather than just gathering cobwebs on my hard drive, somebody might like to see the beginnings of what might have been had the B7 license been easier to negotiate.

Please don’t expect a polished &  playtestyed product. The rules probably hang together but may need some work if you are going to use them for any length of time.

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