World of Xantus

In World of Xantus (WoX), players take on the roles of the descendants of humans captured by aliens and transported, for unknown reasons, to another planet. However, soon after depositing the humans on this new world, the aliens promptly and mysteriously died, leaving behind their huge Ship, its nearly incomprehensible technology, and 1000 scared-out-of-their wits people. The planet, called by the aliens “Xantus” (human pronunciation and spelling, and one of the few things the aliens communicated to their abductees), is large, hot, and covered in deep, thick jungles filled with very hostile plants and animals. Many of the humans died not long after the Abductors, due to starvation, alien diseases, and conflict, but about 300 survived and managed to master to some degree the aliens’ technology.


One Response to “World of Xantus”

  1. Gage Says:

    Wow! This is just awesome! The cool part is that these abducted humans were quite intelligent, yet had to live off this new planet as hunter-gatherers, using old fashioned tools and weapons. Its a perfect combination of High and Low technology existing in the same world. I’m thinking about making “Ship” a sadistic Rogue AI who convinces itsself it is doing the best for the humansi. Kindof like a HAL 9000 type of thing going. There’s not one bit of this I don’t like. Definately the best RPG I’ve found so far on this site.