Battles Armageddon

The end is near. The sounds of battle pound helplessly in the hearts of your victims as you choose from an array of deviants and miscreants, and of noble and honorable characters who dare enter the midst of bloodlust. Take one step in the wrong direction and it is over. Step over the boundaries and you suffer. Release the anguish of your alter-ego and pulverize your enemies to a quick and painful death. Or simply rearrange their plans so that they pant, waiting for a chance to commit their own crimes. Battles Armageddon gives you the power to control various Mobs whose abilities and spells are at your very whim. With over 35 Mobs and 75 Spells and/or Abilities, you are charged with millions of combinations in which you, the Player, may gain Rank and master the Mobs within. Choose well, for as soon as it begins, Armageddon will take over and there will be only one victor, you or your best friend.


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