Best Friends

Best Friends is a role-playing game about girlfriends and their petty hatreds. You all role-play girlfriends of each other and gameplay involves who you hate for being prettier than you, richer than you, etc.

So, what?s this book all about?

Well, it?s a role-playing game about being a girl.

Yeah, everyone plays a girl. If you?re not down with that then just put best friends back wherever you found it and walk away. No hard feelings, eh?

So, still here?

OK, it?s a game about being best friends and all the little hatreds that best friends have for each other. Oh, I know. You?re gonna say that y?all get along just peachy. Well, that?s fine too. No one said any of this was true.

But, between you and me: it probably is.

Anyway, you and some friends all play girlfriends and try to do stuff together while secretly hating each other. And getting little frissons of excitement out of getting one up on your best friends.


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