As the vultures circled overhead, Bronze knelt upon the burning sand and tore two strips of cloth from his robe with which to bind his feet. He had stopped sweating two hours ago and had cast off his sword as dead weight the night before. Parched to the bone and completely defenseless, if the heat didn?t kill him before he reached Halandor, the grak dogs would. And that was the last thought Bronze had before he collapsed face down in the sand.

Bronze is a set of rules designed to emulate swords and sorcery adventure in the vein of Lin Carter, Fritz Leiber, and Robert E. Howard. Bronze actually began life as Zak Arntson?s Thord of Relings, a set of intriguing design notes that can be found over at the Harlekin Maus site ( While attempting to play a game using those notes, several changes were made along the way and, ultimately, a new set of rules was born.


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