Crime Fighter RPG

Crime Fighter RPG is a roleplaying game that requires this rulebook, some copies of the Crime Fighter RPG character sheet, some pencils, two six-sided dice, and at least two players in order to play. One player takes the role of CM (Crime Master) while all other players will take the role of PCF (Player Crime Fighter). The CM will oversee all gameplay, put forth adventures for the PCFs to interact in, and play the role of each NPCF (Non-Player Crime Fighter) and NPC (Non-Player Criminal). The PCFs will create superheroic detectives which they will then play the role of.


In the superheroic world of Crime Fighter RPG, there are no super powers. Instead, all crime fighters and criminals are highly skilled human beings armed with advanced technological gadgetry. Technology and science are at modern day levels, with some breakthroughs being made by a few. Despite the lack of super powers, many individuals exist that are quite formidable due to great physical prowess, genius level IQ, and advanced weaponry. Because of this, many ‘super’ criminals exist which the normal authorities cannot handle, so the law has been taken into the hands of a select group of ‘super’ heroes known as crime fighters.


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