Dark Spell

Dark Spell is a complete rules system based around sorcery, spell-casting, and combat. It contains rules for character creation, game mechanics, and a spell listing.


A sorcerer may cast any spell that they know without assistance, as long as two criteria are meet: that the magician pay the spell’s Cost, or requisite levies from the Sorcery, Willpower, and Vitality pools; and that they meet any other Requirements that the spell might have. Requirements include such things as incantations, arcane gestures, components used up by the spell, focuses that must be on hand, and other conditions that must be met. The sorcerer must also take some specified amount of time in the casting of the spell.

It is possible for multiple wizards to cast a spell in consort. All sorcerers involved in the casting of the spell must stand within a circle, with neighbors no more than a few feet away. When spells are cast in this manner, the Cost may be split between them in any way desired. However, each participant in the casting must pay at least 1 point from each pool that is levied, even if this would increase the total number of points payed above the spell’s Cost. Also, only one sorcerer in the group must know the spell at hand, but each that doesn’t must succeed at a check (Occult applies); difficult 7 for Novice spells, 1 for Adept, and 13 for Master; or prevent the spell from being cast. Before the spell is cast the circle must decide on a leader, who will direct the spell; an actor, who will meet the spell’s Requirements; and a provider, who will make any rolls associated with the spell and upon whose statistics the spell’s parameters will be based. Any of these positions may be assigned to the same person, but all position holders must be members of the circle and know the spell at hand.

Note that paying the Cost is the last thing that the sorcerer does–if they are interrupted halfway through the casting time, or do not have a focus on hand, their pools are not levied. A wizard may not cast a spell if it requires more points from their Sorcery pool than the magician’s current Vitality. Spent points from the Sorcery pool return at the rate of one point per five minutes of sleep or meditation, or ten minutes of light activity and rest.

Some spells require concentration to maintain or direct. A sorcerer may take action other than casting a new spell while concentrating on a current one. Multiple spells may not be concentrated upon at once.

There are five different types of Spells, each with their own characteristics, outlined below.

Power Words

These spells require but the pronunciation of a single syllable to activate, but are often costly in terms of the caster’s personal energy. Additionally, most Power Words have severely limited ranges, last for an instant, and effect only a single target. Power Words are quick enough that they may be used in combat, but may not be cast by a circle.


Spells of this sort may be raised quickly and have few Requirements, but fade quickly when the caster’s concentration is lifted. Weaves, like Power Words, may be cast quickly enough to be used in combat.


Able to travel any distance when an empathic link is provided, Sendings are brief spells that target a specific living creature. Sendings may take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two to cast, and have Requirements that almost always include a spoken incantation, arcane gestures, and a focus of some sort or another.


Cantrips are the most common type of spell, almost always requiring a few seconds to ten minutes and incantations, gestures, and a focus or material component of some sort or other. They tend to affect either the caster or a nearby target or area, and have widely disparate uses.


Powerful magic that takes anywhere from an hour to many days to invoke, Rituals have incredibly high Costs and expensive Requirements but effects on an epic scale.


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