Defenders of the Union

‘Defenders of the Union’ sets the characters up as a Travelling Soviet of the Peoples Armed Investigative Committee, traveling across the State to root out enemies of the people. It’s set in a USSR that never quite was, perhaps in the past, perhaps in the future. A workers paradise of pristine white apartment blocks and gleaming monorails. Written for the November 25 ‘Ronnies’, using the words ‘Soviet’ and ‘Gun’.

?Defenders of the Union? is set sometime in the future or perhaps sin the past, in a Soviet Union that never existed. It is a Soviet Union as seen through the eyes of its dreamers, it?s poets, its writers and filmmakers. Where the masses live in clean, whitewashed apartment blocks, where they labour in modern factories, where the USSR is a shining light in a world of brutal capitalistic oppression.

But no paradise is perfect and rot has set in at the core of the USSR. Malcontents, traitors, speculators and enemies of the people seek to bring down the edifice of socialist perfection. They claim all is not well, they spread dissent and treachery. And they must be ruthlessly stamped out.

However, are the enemies of the people really the liars that the Supreme Soviet would have us believe? Are their tales of the camps where millions are killed through neglect, overwork and execution mere exaggerations of the truth, or do they represent something more sinister?

In amongst the white apartment blocks, there are bloodstains on the ground. Out in the wastes of Siberia, corpses litter the snow. On far off steppes, savage little wars are fought for freedom. From the Revolution, through the wars, the gun has always been emblematic of the USSR. Even in these peaceful, happy times, a man carrying a gun, alighting from the Moscow monorail can bring fear to the most loyal kolkhoz.

On to the scene step members of the Peoples Armed Investigatory Committee, the feared gunmen of the Supreme Soviet. Clad in their forbidding padded greatcoats, carrying the great pistols that are their badges of power and authority, they descend on communities to root out enemies and ensure correct thought.


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