Dog Town: Stripped

Dog Town is a pure punk roleplaying game set in the seedy underbelly of dangerous and decadent 1970’s New York. It is a homage to gangsterism and street life as portrayed in uncompromising films such as Goodfellas, Scarface, Donnie Brasco, Taxi Driver and Carlito’s Way. What is in those films is in the game and in depth – the vices, the crimes, the greed, the betrayal and the violence. Players are criminals – heisters, brokers, thugs and thieves, pimps and hustlers flawed human beings that must hold back their own deep dark desires whilst attempting to cheat, beat, deal and steal a large amount of money that they’re unlikely to walk away with.

You start fresh out the joint with $40 bucks and a pack of smokes to your name, from there you must get your hands on $100,000 in 90 days in to be in on a deal that will change your life. How low you stoop and what lines you cross are down to you. Rob banks, collect debts, burgle houses, kidnap drug dealers and other low lives for ransom – you as the players decide. But everything you do in Dog Town has consequences, step on the wrong guy’s toes and your criminal might wind up stinking out the trunk of his Cadillac, make sloppy dumb ass moves and you’ll get busted by the Five O and sent upstate where you belong. Dog Town is a game where killers meet you with smiles and a handshake, where everyone is working an angle, and where the cops protect and serve their own interests.

A stripped and streamlined rule set for Dog Town the roleplaying game of crime, money and violence This book is to be used in conjunction with the other books in the series for setting information and flavour. The intention is to remove most of the crunch of character creation in the Core Rule book and to provide a more free wheeling rules lite version using the tenGINE (a system that combines familiar aspects of Bust and the Split System) that can be quickly picked up and played, but can still be integrated with the Core Rule book and Stray Bullets when more depth and detail is wanted.


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