One Roll Engine Toolkit

The One Roll Engine Toolkit is perfect for the advanced role player. Designed to allow a Game Master to convert any game to the ORE, as featured in such games as REIGN, GODLIKE and WILD TALENTS. This toolkit features the full One Roll Engine rules along with lots of optional rules to customize that rule set to any game. You will find that the One Roll Engine is a very versatile game that seeks to resolve dice rolls quickly and fluidly without skimping on the crunch. If you have a roleplaying game you love the background for but don’t feel the love for the system, this document will give you information to put together a system that will work for your game of choice. As an example, you can download the companion conversion notes for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition to the ORE.

The One Roll Engine is used with permission from Greg Stolze and Arc Dream Publishing.


7 Responses to “One Roll Engine Toolkit”

  1. jonathan susara Says:

    i’ve been looking this kind of ORE reference. thanks a lot!

  2. Dorian Hawkins Says:

    I’m glad you found it of some use! I’ve updated the Dragon Reign files (the 3.5 D&D to ORE conversion). Available from my website.

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    […] it, and let me know what greath things you do with it! – 1KM!KT: One Roll Engine Toolkit Tags: free rpgs, ORE, […]

  4. Tom Says:

    erm….its good, but it appears that throughout the pdf it mentions height as resolving the speed of an action and width as success.
    ORE uses height as proficiency/difficulty/technical standard and width as speed/power.

    Other than that its a very well put together compendium.

  5. Dorian Hawkins Says:


    Actually, it has both :p I designed it as a toolkit, so it lists Width as Speed but offers an alternative take using Height. The Dragon Reign document specifically uses Height instead of Width for Speed.

  6. Phrog Says:

    It would be nice to see this go to Lulu so one could order it in print! Thank for all the work you put into it. This is perfect for my post apocalypse game!

  7. Bob Says:

    Awesome! I love me some tool kits.